SOLUSYON NA MAY AKSYON! Ang ARTA ay tumatanggap ng mga reklamo laban sa mga maling gawi ng KAWANI ng gobyerno. Maghain ng reklamo!

What are the penalties?

What are the penalties?

See what the penalties are for people who break the law.

No government officer or employee shall:

  1. a. Reject applications/request with complete requirements without valid reason
  2. b. Ask for extra requirements and charge fees not indicated in the Citizen’s Charter
  3. c. Fail to inform requesting party about the disapproval of application/request
  4. d. Fail to act within the prescribed time on the application/request without valid reason
  5. e. Fail to attend to applicants/requesting parties who are within premises of a government office before the end of official working hours and during lunchtime
  6. f. Fail to issue an official receipt
  7. g. Be involved in fixing activities in exchange of money or other benefits

Under ARTA, we will be implementing a 2 STRIKE policy for government officials and employees found in violation ofEODB/EDGSA:

FIRST OFFENSE: Administrative liability with six (6) months suspension. Except for fixing or collusion with fixers where the Revised Penal Code shall apply.

SECOND OFFENSE: Administrative and criminal liability

  • - Dismissal from the service
  • - Imprisonment of one (1) year to six (6) years
  • - Perpetual disqualification from holding public office
  • - Fine of not less than P500K
  • - Forfeiture of retirement benefits but not more than P2M

Any person who commits any act such as but not limited to bribery, extortion or malicious solicitation of favor shall be criminally liable and shall be punished under the Revised Penal Code and other special laws.