What’s in it for me?

Applying for permits, licenses, and certificates will be easier and faster, saving both time and money. If the customers are not happy with the service/s provided, he/she is encouraged to provide feedback for service improvement.

How can businesses benefit?

The business permitting process will be faster, easier, and more convenient.

How can we check if the government agencies are compliant to the law?

Citizen’s can check each government agency’s compliance to the act through its Citizen’s Charter set up in their respective offices.The Citizen’s Charter must include:

1. Uniform/Standard requirements
2. Procedures of service/s to be availed
3. Responsible person for each step
4. Maximum time to complete the process
5. Documents to be presented
6. Amount of fees if necessary
7. Procedure for filing complaints

Why do we need an anti-red tape authority?

We need a government agency that will implement programs to make doing business easier and make government services more efficient and effective; strictly monitor compliance to the Anti-Red Tape Law; accept complaints against erring government employees; and help complainants file a case with the CSC or the Ombudsman.

How do we ensure that the provisions of the law are implemented?

The Anti-Red Tape Authority shall:

1. Conduct a report card survey to grade the quality of services provided
2. Encourage citizen’s feedback so that non-compliant government employees will be held accountable

What happens if a government employee violates the provisions of the law?

If an employee violates the provisions of law, he/she will be subject to the penalties stated in the Act namely a six month suspension for the first offense and a number of penalties including s fine with a minimum amount of 500k for the second offense.

To whom do we file the complaints?

You can complain to either the Civil Service Commission (CSC) or the newly created Anti-Red Tape Authority. The CSC is the agency mandated to receive, review, hear, and decide on complaints while the ARTA may initiate investigation upon receipt of a complain, refer the same to the appropriate agency, or file cases for violations of this Act.

Is there a plan to automate the government?

Yes. The DICT, in coordination with other concerned agencies shall, within three (3) years after the effectivity of this Act, automate business-related transactions by developing the necessary software and technology-neutral platforms and secure infrastructure that is web-based and accessible to the public.

The DICT shall ensure that all municipalities and provinces classified as third (3rd), fourth (4th), fifth (5th), and sixth (6th) class are provided with appropriate equipment and connectivity, information, and communications technology platform, training, and capability building to ensure the LGUs complaiance with this Act.

Are incentives provided for government agencies that perform well?

Yes. ARTA and CSC will establish an incentive mechanism/s for government agencies that exhibit exemplary performance in fighting red tape.