21 July 2021 – We are thrilled that the country’s internet speed has been steadily increasing since the outset of 2021. It reflects the effectiveness of our efforts to streamline and expedite the permitting process for the construction of the telco towers. As stated in the recent Ookla report in June, the Philippines ranks 62nd among 181 countries in terms of fixed broadband speeds and 75th among 137 countries in terms of mobile broadband speed. The country has risen three (3) spots from 65th rank in terms of mobile broadband speed and two (2) spots from 77th in terms of fixed broadband speed in the previous month.

This is one of the Duterte administration’s most remarkable accomplishments. His directives prompted policy reforms and initiatives aimed at shoring up the digital infrastructure and strengthening the digital backbone of the country.

This significant advancement is vital to the Filipinos, particularly now that the internet has become a necessity. This will address not only Filipinos’ needs during this pandemic, but also digital deprivation, which disproportionately affects less privileged individuals who lack internet access. Furthermore, this represents an outstanding opportunity for inclusive growth and socioeconomic development. Not only can it improve efficiency and boost the economy’s overall GDP, but it can also better integrate remote populations into markets, improve citizens’ access to social services, extend educational possibilities, foster innovation, and expand people’s freedoms and access to government services.

Anticipate a continuous boost in internet connection speed as a result of the recently amended and expanded Joint Memorandum Circular on telecom tower construction. Additionally, as part of the National Effort for the Harmonization of Efficient Measures of Inter-related Agencies (NEHEMIA) program, we are streamlining and expediting processes related with fiber optic cables. Rest assured that ARTA will continue to develop in order to improve the country’s internet speed.