20 May 2022 – The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) congratulates the Philippine Postal Corporation on the successful launch of its Digital Innovation and Modernization. Indeed, this is consistent with our goal of streamlining and expediting government services, as embodied in Republic Act 11032, or the Ease of Doing Business and Government Services Act of 2018, and with the ARTA’s streamlining and automation efforts.

Truly, as the President stated, this innovation will undoubtedly strengthen our worldwide competitiveness during the period of recovery and digital transition. Furthermore, the modernization of services eliminates avenues for corruption. This will be seen as an effort of honor and integrity by the general public because it is at the core of our commitment to provide an honest and transparent service to our people.

The President’s continuous push for responsive and people-centered government services is bearing fruit, with several agencies upgrading their services through digital transformation. Many agencies are taking steps to enhance the quality of the services they provide. These shifts from slow old methods of transacting with the government to efficient and digitalized services create a significant impact to the generations to come.

ARTA hopes that in the final days of the administration, and even during the new administration, government agencies will continue to undertake reform initiatives and adopt innovations and strategies that will further streamline, develop, and improve government services to the people for greater efficiency.

Again, we congratulate PHLPost and rest assured that Authority will continue to support and assist in every way possible to provide a more efficient, effective, and responsive services to the Filipinos.