26 November 2019 – The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) directed all government agencies today to submit a list of all their pending government contracts not later than 9 December 2019. This is in line with President Duterte’s directive in his speech during the 80th anniversary of the Department of National Defense last 20 November 2019 to have all pending government transactions acted on by 15 December 2019.

In a memorandum circular signed by ARTA Director General Jeremiah Belgica and Deputy Director General Ernesto Perez earlier today. ARTA directs all government offices and agencies to submit to ARTA, on or before 9 December 2019, the consolidated list of all pending contracts and government services, including the status of these contracts/services, and recommended action on said contracts/services.

The said memorandum applies to all government agencies covered by R.A. 11032, specifically all government offices and agencies in the executive department including local government units, government -owned or -controlled corporations, and other government instrumentalities, located in the Philippines or abroad that provide services covering business-related and nonbusiness transactions.

ARTA Meeting with FDA

In the same speech, the President reiterated his intent to primarily address the slow processing time in availing government services which continues to be a source of corruption. In line with this, Director General Belgica also met with the officials of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this morning after issuing an Order of Automatic Approval and/or Renewal for all applications with the agency which it represented as purely ministerial last 9 September 2019. Also present in the meeting was Ease of Doing Business and Anti-Red Tape Advisory Council member Mr. Peter Wallace.

During the meeting, FDA presented the updates on their revised Citizen’s Charter, the status and timeline of the implementation of their proposed process improvements, and updates on the list of companies granted with automatic approval and/or automatic renewal in accordance with the abovementioned ARTA Order.

Director General Belgica, Deputy Director General Perez, and Mr. Wallace recommended more improvements in the processing time and procedures in the issuance of its licenses and permits.

The ARTA czar also commended the efforts of FDA in improving their services after being previously tagged as a red tape-ridden agency. “Among the agencies that we have identified to be red tape-ridden, FDA has been the most open and in constant communication with ARTA”, Director General Belgica added.

Still in pursuance of ARTA’s mandate to ensure compliance with R.A. 11032, Director General Belgica reminds all government agencies to submit their revised Citizen’s Charter by 6 December 2019.