31 August 2022 – Enrollees of Creative HQ’s T7 Masterclass in Innovation from the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) will proceed to tier 4 of the said program after recently completing a six-month long training program on Applied Innovation.

Creative HQ is New Zealand’s leading provider of structured innovation programs for startups, corporates, and government.

Through a partnership between the Authority and the New Zealand government, 21 ARTA personnel were enrolled in Creative HQ’s T7 Masterclass in Innovation, where they are trained on innovation tools and methodologies, as well as modern project management, to help them deliver public services more efficiently and modernize the public sector while developing new solutions to real-world challenges.

Undersecretary for Administration, Finance, and Special Programs Carlos F. Quita expressed hope that the program will capacitate ARTA’s employees in innovation through the cascading of information from the T7 Masterclass enrollees.

This, as the said program uses a train-the-trainer model wherein the first batch of participants will become facilitators for the training of future staff.

“We in the Authority thank the Creative HQ for its T7 Masterclass, which will surely help in institutionalizing the culture of innovation in ARTA,” Usec. Quita said.

Officer-in-Charge and Undersecretary Ernesto V. Perez echoed this sentiment.

“One of ARTA’s most significant achievements is its partnerships within the government, with the private sector, public groups, and even foreign governments. We are grateful for all of the opportunities for growth that we have received through our partners, in this case, the New Zealand government, which is a frontrunner in terms of digitalization of government processes ” he said.

The T7 Masterclass in Innovation has seven tiers delivered as a short, intensive training module with an assessment at the end.

Enrollees must complete tiers 1 to 3 to secure the Diploma in Applied Innovation. Upon completion, enrollees are expected to be familiar with Creative HQ’s 10 Innovation Blocks, the basis for innovation events, and to be highly competent and experienced in the use of a wide range of innovation tools and techniques, which they can incorporate in their daily work.

Seven ARTA enrollees will proceed to tiers 4 and 5, where they will begin to build capacity to be able to lead innovation training to others within the agency. After completing the said tiers, enrollees will get a Diploma in Innovation Delivery. Those who will finish tiers 6 and 7 will receive a Diploma in Innovation Leadership.

In September 2021, ARTA and the New Zealand government signed an agreement to strengthen their relations and boost their efforts in the fields of ease of doing business and public sector efficiency.

In particular, the two governments will focus on promoting, designing, and delivering E- government solutions to co-develop service solutions for the Philippine government; capability building for government officials on service design and methods, new technologies, and sound regulatory systems, and their utilization in improving government services and processes, among others.

The partnership was forged through the New Zealand Government to Government (G2G) Partnerships, Limited, an organization that connects governments from other countries to the New Zealand public sector to share its knowledge and expertise.

The Authority is also mulling to establish creative laboratories in the Philippines inspired by Creative HQ.