14 January 2022 – Secretary Jeremiah B. Belgica, Director General of the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA), joined by his top management, paid a virtual courtesy meeting with Dr. Oscar Gutierrez, who was appointed as the officer-in-charge of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), on Friday.

During the meeting, Secretary Jeremiah B. Belgica, ARTA Director General, committed to support Dr. Gutierrez in leading the FDA.

“We are throwing our all-out support behind Dr. Gutierrez as we firmly believe in his capability to continue the reforms that have been institutionalized in the agency and to push for more changes that will benefit both those in government and the public,” he said.

ARTA Sec. Belgica also discussed how the two agencies can work together in resolving the backlogs in the FDA’s centers.

In 2019, Dr. Gutierrez was appointed as the OIC Director of the Policy and Planning Service of the FDA. Nearly two years later, he was appointed as FDA Deputy Director General.


His designation as OIC of FDA came after the resignation of former FDA Director General Eric Domingo, whom ARTA also commended for overseeing the reform of many FDA processes for the benefit of the Filipino public.

These include the streamlining the requirements and processes for initial and renewal applications for a License to Operate, and automating processes, including the integration of FDA eServices into the Central Business Portal (CBP), and the establishment of the green lane for local vaccine manufacturers.