15 October 2020 – The Central Business Portal (CBP), an online one-stop shop for registering businesses in the Philippines, is now on its soft-launch phase. It is a joint initiative of the Anti-Red Tape Authority, Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Social Security System (SSS), Pag-IBIG, and Philhealth.

The soft-launch phase of the CBP was initiated last August 28, 2020 to targeted law and accounting firms. Yesterday, the DICT led the conduct of the Stakeholders Training Webinar which aimed to shed light on the faster and more convenient way of registering businesses through the portal which could be accessed at business.gov.ph.

The CBP offers a single site for all business-related information, which aims to promote effective service delivery and transparency in the government. It seeks to streamline the registration of business, renewal of permits, and other activities through online transactions. Previously, it would take a business applicant 33 days with 13 steps to register a business but now with the CBP, business registrations can be done in just one step and completed in less than a day.

Applicants can now access the CBP to acquire SEC Certificate of Registration for one-person and two to four-person corporations, generate BIR TIN and Order of Payment, and register SSS, Pag-IBIG, and Philhealth Employer Numbers. The CBP also features a Unified Business Application Form designed to capture information from the applicant only once, thus eliminating the undue burden of filing up redundant entry forms with different agencies involved in the business registration process.

Additional features including the registration process for regular corporations and the e-payment for BIR services will be made ready for the national launch on November 16, 2020.

“The CBP comes at an opportune time now that we are in the midst of the pandemic. We envision that not only would it minimize face-to-face interactions in adherence to health protocols and the law’s zero-contact policy, but also encourage business activities in line with the government’s effort to recharge the economy”, said Director General Jeremiah Belgica.

In relation to making the business registration process more convenient for the people, ARTA also participated yesterday in DICT Mindanao Cluster 2’s virtual roadshow on the Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System (eBPLS), a ready software that enables Local Government Units to process business permit applications electronically.