6 July 2021 – Secretary Jeremiah Belgica, Director General of the Anti-Red Tape Authority, asked local government units to set up kiosks at their Business One-Stop Shops (BOSS) where they can assist clients in navigating their electronic BOSS platforms.

Belgica said this will be part of the transition period as people adjust to the new technology required in availing government services.

The eBOSS is a free online platform that ensures end-to-end business registration for those who wish to put up their own businesses.

The ARTA Director General said a lot of Filipinos, particularly senior citizens, are still unused to processing government transactions online, so the government must extend them some help.

“Hindi sanay ang tao sa eBOSS kasi sanay sila sa manual. Kaya kahit may online na, pumupunta pa rin sila sa city hall, kasi naghahanap sila ng makakausap. Tulungan natin sila,” he said.

The kiosk should be equipped with desktops or laptops so government workers will not rely on the client’s phones to help them navigate the eBOSS.

However, the end goal for the establishment of the eBOSS is to make doing business easy enough to do on one’s phone.

Belgica made the statement during his inspection of the eBOSS of the Pasay City government. He commended the said LGU for setting up the online platform and said the Authority will help them iron out all issues with their eBOSS.

The last day for LGUs nationwide to set up their own eBOSS platforms, as mandated by Republic Act No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, was on 17 June 2021.

Since then, the ARTA has conducted inspections at the city halls of Quezon City, the City of Manila, and Pasay City.

LGUs were required to file compliance reports or letters of explanation to ARTA by 14 July 2021 or 20 days after the deadline to comply with the eBOSS directive. Non-compliant LGUs who will give insufficient explanations will face charges.

The Authority, led by Belgica, will continue to hold inspections at the local governments of Highly Urbanized Cities (HUCs) in the country.