25 September 2020 – The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) filed a case against Register of Deeds of Calamba City, Atty. Rodolfo A. Sol, Jr. for violation of Republic Act 11032 this afternoon at the Office of the Ombudsman.

The complaint filed by ARTA to the Office of the Ombudsman cites the Register of Deeds’ “violation of Section 21 (f) of R.A. 11032 in relation to Sections 8 and 9 (f) thereof, as the violations were committed in the presence of ARTA’s authorized representatives or investigators”.

Acting upon the mounting anonymous complaints against the Register of Deeds of Calamba City, the Authority conducted a motu proprio investigation to validate violations of the law such as delay in the processing of applications in said office and alleged fixing. ARTA was able to validate that the named Register of Deeds implements a quota or cut-off time prior to the end of working hours and denies entry to applicants during noon break, and as such failed to attend to applicants or requesting parties who are within the premises of the agency during working hours.

According to Director General Belgica, “Refusal to entertain applicants within working hours is a violation of the law. We have told this to the different Register of Deeds many times over in different occasions. The system of having a maximum quota application per day is a violation of R. A. 11032 when it results to the refusal to accept applications of people who are in the premises of the agency during working hours”.

Ang nangyayari tuloy ay ala una, alas dos o alas tres nang umaga pumipila para mauna kasi pag umabot sa maximum quota limit ay hindi na tatanggapin ang papel mo. Ang masama pa sa nangyari dito ay nagsasara pa sila ng opisina pag tanghali para kumain habang ang mga tao ay hirap na hirap na nakapila sa labas”, the ARTA chief lamented.

Other investigations by ARTA concerning other agencies and officials are ongoing and may soon result to the filing of cases in the coming days.