2 March 2020 – The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) expresses its utmost gratitude to President Roa Rodrigo Duterte for signing Administrative Order (AO) 23: “ELIMINATING OVERREGULATION TO PROMOTE EFFICIENCY OF GOVERNMENT PROCESS”.

This Administrative Order directs all government agencies covered by R.A. 11032 to eliminate overregulation within sixty (60) working days from its effectivity by submitting a compliance report to ARTA. ARTA shall then monitor and review the compliance of the covered agencies and report the findings and recommendations to the Office of the President.

Agencies that will fail to comply will face appropriate sanctions.

Prior to A.O. 23, ARTA has already issued Memorandum Circular (MC) 2020-02: “Order of Automatic Approval or Automatic Extension of Pending Transactions Beyond the Prescribed Processing Time of 3-7-20 Working Days.” The MC, signed last February 14, directs the same covered agencies to conduct inventory of all pending transactions that are beyond their processing times and to likewise automatically approve or extend them as needed.

A.O. 23 complements ARTA’s MC 2020-02 in eliminating the government’s backlog, expediting government processes, and easing undue regulatory burden for the transacting public.

Further, ARTA will launch Program NEHEMIA, a sectoral-based streamlining effort that targets to reduce time, cost, requirements, and procedures in key sectors by 52% within 52 weeks. Sectors included in the first phase of this inter-agency streamlining are Common Towers and Interconnectivity sector, Housing sector, Food and Pharma sector, Logistics sector, and the Energy sector.

The release of A.O. 23 strengthens ARTA’s mandate to drastically improve government services and promote ease of doing business in the country. This shows our President’s commitment to give comfortable lives to the Filipino people.