15 October 2020 – The Anti-Red Tape Authority expresses its gratitude to the Senate for the timely and immediate passing of the Senate Bill 1844, an Act Authorizing the President to Expedite the Processing and Issuance of National and Local Permits, Licenses, and Certifications in Times of National Emergency, on its third and final hearing yesterday.

“We congratulate the Senate and we welcome this great development. Tunay nga po na ang tren ng pagbabago laban sa red tape at sa pagpapabilis ng gobyerno ay patuloy na pabilis nang pabilis”, Director General Jeremiah Belgica said.

The ARTA czar adds that ARTA had already prepared its own recommendations for the President on the fast-tracking of the processing of permits in this time of crisis.

ARTA concurs with the President when he wrote that the enactment of SB 1844 will “facilitate economic activity, accelerate the socioeconomic recovery of the country, and ensure the prompt delivery of public services in times of a national emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic” as he certifies its enactment as urgent.

“This special powers during national emergencies enables the President to even suspend permits and requirements required by the law itself. This will also make it costly for agencies not to streamline as administrative penalties may be imposed for refusal to streamline,”, DG Belgica further explained.

To fulfil its part, ARTA will continue to uphold its empowerment and enforcement functions in accordance to the Ease of Doing Business Law. It will sustain its continuing efforts to assist government offices and agencies in streamlining their systems and procedures. Likewise, it will carry on its investigation proceedings to ensure that violating agencies, officials, or employees will be held accountable.