I see a much improved score for the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Survey this 2021 as our reforms aimed at streamlining and speeding up government processes are finally coming to fruition.

Last year, the country scored 62.8 which landed us to the 95th spot in the Doing Business 2020 Report by the World Bank. This was a leap from a score of 57.68 in 2019, pushing us 29 notches from the 124th ranking out of 190 economies.

We worked together with key agencies to improve service across all indicators.

This year, we are highly confident that our reforms in four particular Doing Business Indicators namely Trading Across Borders, Protecting Minority Investors, Enforcing Contracts, and Dealing with Construction Permits will be recognized.

Despite this, we worry that not all our efforts for Starting a Business, Dealing with Construction Permits, Registering Property, and Enforcing Contracts will be acknowledged as we have seen some DB survey methodology concerns that need to be further assessed and improved.

Among the recent developments we noted on these four indicators are the 1) automation of the local government of Quezon City for the issuance of business permits and constructions permits; 2) the digitization of land titles in Quezon City; and 3) the reduction of cost and number of days for the filing and service and trial and judgment phase on breach of contractual obligations of the procedure for small claims cases before the Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Courts.

We have already expressed our grave concerns to the World Bank since last year and have appealed anew to the organization to revisit and hopefully amend its methodology for EODB survey to ensure selection of appropriate respondents.

By doing so, I see a study that is more reflective of the Doing Business situation not only in our country but also in other economies.