12 JANUARY 2022 – To our dear secretary, Sec. Boy Dela Peña of the Department of Science and Technology. To our secretary, Sec. Emmanuel Rey R. Caintic of the DICT. To our Usec. Epimaco Densing III of the DILG. To our Director General, Charito B. Plaza of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. To Chairperson and Administrator, Atty. Wilma T. Eisma of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. To our friends from the private sector, our international partners and our colleagues from the government services and my friends and family from The Anti Red-Tape Authority, happy New Year po sa inyong lahat and we thank you for joining us in this momentous day once again.

It is indeed a delightful sight for us to start the year with this long-awaited launching of this Joint Memorandum Circular on the Unified Logistics Pass. We would want to thank all of our hardworking partners from the private and from the government sector who unceasingly came together to really make this a possibility.

I also would like to thank our people from ARTA led by the indefatigable Undersecretary Ernesto Perez for making this work and pushing this in order for us to achieve and come to this point.

The implementation of the Unified Logistics Pass is actually a significant step forward not only for the logistics sector, but more so for the Filipino people. Sa marami pong taon ang logistics sector po ay ilang beses na pong tinawag ang atensyon at napakadami pong mga pagkakataon na ang reklamo at ang hirap ho ng taumbayan ay nararanasan dahil sa iba’t iba pong mga fees, iba’t iba pong mga port fees, pass-through fees, at sa kadulu-duluhan po nito, these will now eventually add to the cost where the consumer will be made to take the brunt of all of these regulatory costs. But now, through this Unified Logistics Pass, all of these can now be changed. The ULP will now replace the varying and separate pass-through stickers required by the different economic zones,

ports, the local government units and also would make use of a unified QR Code or Quick Response Code that could also facilitate an easier and unhampered transfer and delivery of basic goods and necessities across the country.

Ang sabi nga po, na 70% daw ng cost po ng ating mga produkto or the value-added cost to the products po natin is attributable or can be alluded to transportation or logistical cost. That’s why the full implementation of the ULP will definitely lower the cost of products as well, at least that is what we are hoping to achieve. This would and should really have a massive impact on the lives of the simple Juan Dela Cruz, the simple Filipino who is just really making sure that he would be able to make ends meet during this pandemic.

Lalu na po sa panahon po ng pandemya, ang lagi ho nating sinasabi, ang red tape ay nakamamatay. Let’s put as an example ang isa pong ama na naghahanap-buhay lamang at kumikita para sa kanyang asawa at apat na anak ng limang-daang piso o mahagit lamang ng kaunti kada araw. Ang kanila pong gastos para sa kanilang pagkain lamang ay nagkakakahalaga na po ng apat na daang piso o minsan ay higit pa ho ay mas higit pa. Subalit sa pagsasakatuparan po ng atin pong proyekto ngayon ang Unified Logistics Pass, maari pong mabawasan ang presyo ng mga pangunahing bilihin at malaki rin po ang maitutulong nito sa karaniwang mga Pilipino. na nagnanais po na makakuha ng kaalwanan sa panahon po ng atin pong pandemya.

Ito rin po ang pinaka-essence at ito rin po ang pinaka adhikain namin dito po sa Anti-Red Tape Authority. The mandate is geared toward making the lives of the Filipinos more comfortable and convenient. This is not only because it is given by our statutory mandate, but more so by the directives and the desires and aspiration of our transformational and once-in-a-lifetime generational leader, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who has always reminded government agencies to act with dispatch and with a sense of urgency on all government services. For the empowerment function of ARTA, we assist government agencies and reengineering their processes so they can develop policies and procedures that would make services more accessible and efficient for the stakeholders and the general public. However, we also have another function which is the enforcement function. Here, we now act to file cases, investigate, or even do entrapment for those who insist on going on with the previous way that is excessive bureaucratic red tape. However, it is about time to… break that stereotype that government services are inefficient and sluggish. It is about time for us to continue this train of reform and continue on the momentum as we approach the tail-end of this administration’s term.

Once again, we would want to express our deepest gratitude to our partners, sa mga kasamahan po natin, sa DEVCON, sa USAID, gayundin po sa UPPAF-RESPOND, for coming in together and also to all of our friends from the different organizations, ARTA Champions, who came together, to really make this a possibility. And once again, our aspiration is to do in accordance with the aspirations of every Filipino people as echoed by our President, President Duterte to make the lives of the Filipino people more convenient and more comfortable.

As I would always say, na ang tren ng pagbabago laban po sa red tape ay tumatakbo na at pabilis nang pabilis at ang sinuman pong humarang, kahit po dito sa atin pong ginawa dito po sa ating logistics sector, ay tiyak pong masasagasaan. Again, we want to greet you a happy new year, a good day, and stay safe, and congratulations to all of us.